Where is Town Island?


Town Island is located on beautiful Lake of the Woods, near Kenora, Ontario.

What is the island used for?


The island is home to a number of wilderness campsites that are open to the public and regularly used by canoe campers, picnickers, nearby cottagers and area youth camps. The island is home to BB Camp, which has operated a children’s youth camp on a small portion of the island since 1954. Other area youth camps, including YMCA-YWCA Camp Stephens have used the island’s campsites for more than 100 years.   



Who owns the island?


The majority of the 190-acre island is owned by the City of Kenora. BB Camp owns 30 acres where its campsite is based.

What is the City of Kenora doing with the portion that it owns?

The City wants to develop Town Island and has recently launched a Request for Proposals process for the land. The City has publicly stated that it will consider all proposals for development, regardless of the impact they could have on the area. If the City is successful in developing the island, everyone will lose out.

What is the “Friends of Town Island” group and what is it trying to do?

Friends of Town Island is a volunteer-run, grassroots community group made of Kenora residents, cottagers and local youth camps. Together, we're raising awareness about the City of Kenora’s plan to develop this wilderness area—a plan fraught with risks to the community and environment. We are working hard to bring the City of Kenora to the negotiation table to find a commercially viable conservation solution for the City, the Friends of Town Island and the public who will benefit from placing the land in Trust. 



How can I help?


You can help by signing the online petition and reaching out to politicians in Kenora to respectfully ask them to stop the drive to develop Town Island and find a way to conserve the land. The online petition has already generated thousands of signatures to support our mission and has captured extensive media attention